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default gravatar

Steve did a fantastic job in the build of our website, taking our vision of what we wanted and making it a reality even when it wasn’t easy. What impressed me most about Steve was his willingness to help after delivery and solve issues that were not apparent on implementation. I view Steve as a partner in the digital world and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Stacey Lennox - Loftus Party April 13, 2017

CTV is a Private Equity Firm that Centers on Real Estate Investment and Development
The website that was built for us is world class. Our investors, customers, and clients have all raved to us about the site's ease of use. The search feature, the map, and the size and method that photos are displayed are particularly commented on in a positive way. Our Real Estate Agents like their unique page that builds each of their businesses as it builds the business and brand of CTV Capital LLC.
The scalability of the site is virtually unlimited which is an essential element as we add properties, real estate agents and other personnel. We presently do business in Florida, Ohio, Nevada and California. This site will scale and grow with us as we expand in our current and future markets. The ability to easily add properties and show multiple amenities with a click is a plus for users of the website. Photos are drag and drop with the ability to further drag into different order. The site facilitates videos and even 3D walkthroughs when we are ready to have them hosted.

CTV Capital CEO / Tampa Florida April 14, 2017


$500 Small Business Special